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Twelve Tips for Terrible Teams

20 July 2012 / All Posts, Team Building

I've put together for you Twelve Tips on How to Create Terrible Teams.  For those of you who think that ...

How to deal with objections

13 March 2012 / All Posts, Influencing and Persuasion

Dealing with Objections What happens when someone raises an objection and you know there's a way round it...if only you knew ...

Is your language holding you back?

2 February 2012 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Influencing and Persuasion

A few years ago, I was coaching a senior Banker in creative thinking.  I had some music on my laptop ...

10 ways to keep ideas flowing

22 December 2011 / All Posts, Creative Problem Solving, Effective Communication

Brainstorming conversations can topple into idea-crushing ones.  It's easy to hear yourself saying, "No, I don't like that idea.  I've ...

Punchy Persuasion in a Tick!

25 November 2011 / All Posts, Influencing and Persuasion, Presentations

Persuading people directly can seem like a tricky ask."I want you to do this because, well, it's a good idea."Somehow ...

What active listening really means

28 July 2011 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Influencing and Persuasion

There are times when you think you're better off talking to a brick wall and times when...actually you are e.g. ...

How to deliver messages on behalf of others (and avoid being sniped at)

29 June 2011 / All Posts, Effective Communication

There you are, delivering a message on behalf of your line manager to another and as you're relaying the information, ...

Let me tell you a story!

8 February 2011 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Featured, Influencing and Persuasion, Storytelling

How to Spin a Good Yarn Ever tried to get someone to change their beliefs or behaviour?  Often, the more ...

2 little known verbal techniques to gain attention and keep it

8 February 2011 / Effective Communication, Influencing and Persuasion

Finding it hard to grab attention and keep it throughout a presentation? Do you need to be more persuasive?If so, ...

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