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Advanced Communication Skills Training

The world of work is a minefield. And if you’re not prepared for the situations that crop up, you run the risk of appearing out of your depth.

I’ll turn you (or your whole team) into a confident communicator, so you can lead, make decisions and handle everything that comes your way: even if you’re suddenly dealing with dispersed teams.

You’ll be the version of you that you’ve always hoped to be.

Be More Of You

Be More Of You

Be More Of You

Be More Of You

Outstanding Interpersonal Communication Skills

To be a great leader, you need to inspire confidence in your team. This course will show you how to build relationships and rapport, get your message across well and understand what makes every member of the team tick, so you can lead them towards making better decisions for the business.

  • Get more from business meetings – make your point more clearly so that your ideas are heard and valued.
  • No more being ignored or passed over: increase your impact and gravitas throughout the organisation.
  • Get the information you actually want and need from others, no matter where they are in the world.


Want to know what you can learn?  Go to my Influence Skills Training or have a look at Communication Skills Training. Become that Communication Ninja!

Managing Up, Down & Sideways

It’s simple: better communicators make better managers. But it’s not just about how to speak. It’s how you think, listen, present, delegate, handle conflict and adapt your style for everybody in your team. You’ll learn how to do all the above confidently, with interactive role plays (even online) to help you fine-tune your progress.
  • Build trust and reduce conflict by adapting your communication style so it feels natural and not like ‘an act’.
  • Identify how and when to delegate to others so you know when to step back or wade in.
  • Not everyone’s motivated in the same way: discover how to keep your team on their game.
  • Increase your verbal and non-verbal presence to enhance your credibility.

Discover what you’ll learn.  Click here for my Communication Training for Employees to be less robot or grab inspiration from my Business Communication Skills Training features page.

Exceptional Influence & Impact

Work would be a doddle if you could just get on with what you do the best. But as a technical expert, you’re also expected to deal with important issues, manage situations and handle difficult people. On this course, you’ll learn how to do all three with authority, so you can gain respect and take every opportunity.
  • Learn how to drive your ideas across virtual and non-virtual teams so people really hear you and understand the benefits (whether you have been given authority or not).
  • Handle different cultures with ease: be that national cultures or the way people communicate across groups.
  • Master the techniques that build credibility around and outside your organisation. Whether through email, video, face to face or phone.

Want to know how I can help?  Click on my Interpersonal Communication Skills Training page to see how you can be less vanilla and more THRILLER!

Click for more focused courses I’ve customised for clients include Conversational Skills Training and Networking Skills.

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Online Course Learn at your own pace with digital courses, that go where you are
  • Increase your skill at building relationships around and inside your organisation
  • Discover how to create change, either directly or indirectly
  • Enhance your ability to drive action, even with those whom you don’t directly manage
  • Become a trusted colleague consultant or leader
  • Learn how to speak so others really listen and engage with you
  • Know how to increase your credibility at work and widen your opportunities

Presenting and Pitching Courses

Nail your big moment, with loads of practical tips and opportunities to try them out. Courses can be customised to any level so that everyone becomes less vanilla and more thriller.

Storytelling for Tech and Business

Find the right stories for a variety of business situations and be able to convey them in a compelling way. When data and facts don’t cut it, a narrative can kick start the action.

Creative Problem Solving

Know how to use communication to come up with better ideas and put them into practice, even if you’re working with others on the other side of the globe.