10 Actionable Job Visibility Tips That Work Like a Charm

Frankie Kemp

13 May 2020

Of all the roles I’ve had since 2010, not one of them came through a CV posted on Indeed.com or some such job portal.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t for you. It’s more likely that your future is more secured by nurturing your current network.

Building on Karen Kwong’s post on job visibility, I’ve compiled 10 ways to help you increase both your presence and influence, whether you want to move on, move up or stay put.

1. Celebrate your successes (without being an outright Billy Bragass)

Screenshots of a job done well. For example in Microsoft Teams, there may be a stream of ‘thank yous’ for a job done well. Do a screenshot and send it off to everyone involved. The way to do it without sounding like a self-congratulatory git would be somethinq

like: “Ah ha! Our plan is coming to fruition. Look at all these comments! Couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank YOU!’


2. Keep people connected

Could you set up an internal channel to keep people connected? For instance, you’ve discovered that there are many single employees who are living outside their home countries and feel isolated. Get them together with a Slack Channel? Have them on a Virtual Meetup? Gather best practices. This can be done synchronously or asynchronously.


3. Inform your senior team and managers

People don’t report to the Senior Management Team enough. You really need to be managing UP. If you want to make sure they make decisions that aren’t divorced from realities, keep them in the loop. You may send them a one pager ‘Good to know’ with 2 columns:  Column One: ‘Our Successes’ and Column Two: ‘What we’re working on’.  They may even be able to pull some strings so you can win more successes.  Often the people that are promoted or have career longevity aren’t necessarily the best at the job or the hardest workers.  They’re the ones who are keeping the influencers informed.


4. Check your direction with decision makers

Ensure that you check in with decision makers as to whether you’re going in the right direction. While you’re at it, find out what their challenges are and offer to take on some of responsibility if that’s possible. You’re then seen as a problem solver.


5. Encourage networking outside your organisation

Found a virtual or ‘real life’ meet up?  Look them up on Eventbrite, if that’s your thing. I’ve been recommending some overseas clients to my Improv group, which has grown very international since going online.  It’s a perfect opportunity to meet people, have fun and see that you can push your imagination beyond the walls that surround you. Don’t forget to invite those at work (if you want them around)!  Alternatively, invite an improviser ‘in’ to do a Zoom session.  There’s me in one here, lead by Heather Urquhart of The Maydays.  One of my friends is inviting his manager sailing, after he expressed an interest.  Since he’s looking for an opportunity for his son, having all three of them in the boat would be a wonderful way to make connections that benefits all of them.


6. Call your clients

Call up clients, potential, present and past. What do they need now? I sent off a poll to everyone in my insider’s Tips ‘n’ Tools to ‘take the temperature’.  When lockdown happened it helped me see whether I needed to adjust my services. Remember that enquiry from January 2020? Well, call them up and see if you can help them.  The fact that you’re helping to develop new services or processes whilst keeping the customer informed will have you valued internally and externally.


7. Raise your profile in internal or external communication

This time last year, you may have spoken at a conference or simply dropped into someone’s office. Either way, there was your splendid head making an appearance. Now, you can contribute to the blog, an internal podcast, the Instagram account. Interview others in the form of a podcast, Facebook Live or internal interview such as ‘how the CEO of [name of company] transformed her business in 2 weeks and the surprising outcome’ or a success story of another team within your company.  The very fact that you’re seen or heard side by side with other esteemed people, increases your own kudos.  You then become regarded as an influencer.


8. Initiate an ideas forum.

So maybe you haven’t got any ideas right now. Your skill may be in collating that of others or the administrative ability to ensure that they’re put through the right channels of collecting, sorting and realising. Could you Crowdsource for Marketing, Design, IT, Finance or any other areas?  A popular app for Creative Problem Solving is crowdicity.com.  If you’re looking for a free one for ideas gathering, try www.zipzapideas.com, where your first two projects are free.


9. Use customer feedback to innovate

Have customers requested certain services recently or had complaints about what your doing now? Use this to innovate. For example, a Higher Education college I work at is now providing online Meditation classes as a response to student stress.   Small procedural or service changes they may be: changes can be iterative or a transformational.  Anything that improves experience is worthwhile initiating and makes you look good.


10. Be the bridge between teams

What are other teams and individuals dealing with right now? Is there a way of helping them out? You could initiate a best practices guide, ideas forum or a social gathering across teams, overlapping with ideas 2., 5. and 8.   Being that connector helps ideas, communication and relationships to breed development.  Also, it’ll make you happier and could provide contacts for your next move.


Your Action

  1. Write down one idea that you could do in the next 7 days.
  2. List who would be involved
  3. Figure out – by asking around, if necessary – the medium through which you’ll do, this. For instance, a project management app, a Google Doc, a video meetup.
  4. Write the invite or make the calls, if necessary
  5. Do it!


What action are you taking or going to take that will help you be more visible while working remotely? Share this in the comments!

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