Pitching & Presenting Courses

Presentation Skills Training

The spotlight is on. The audience is watching. Do you have what it takes to deliver a killer pitch, presentation or speech that makes people really sit up and take notice?

Whether you need to win funding or share your ideas with colleagues, my courses will help you nail your big moment, with loads of practical tips and opportunities to try them out.

Make Em’ Love You

Make Em’ Love You

Make Em’ Love You

Make Em’ Love You

Primer Pitching & Presenting Course

Don’t let the idea of presenting give you the jitters. Learn how to put a presentation together and deliver it in a way that keeps everyone hooked from start to finish. There’ll also be tips on how to move, how to speak powerfully, engage your audience remotely and how to maintain eye contact.

  • Get rid of the shakes and the sweats by learning how to handle nerves and increase confidence.
  • Avoid sounding monotonous and looking awkward with effective use of voice, gesture and visual aids.
  • Keep to the point by developing a structure that keeps you on track with your message (and learn how to use notes).

Breakthrough Pitching & Presenting

Take your presenting skills up a notch with specialist techniques to control your delivery and influence your audience. Learn how to put a presentation together when pushed for time, with tips for handling the Q&A session confidently (as well as dealing with awkward people and questions).

  • Discover how to grab your audience’s attention and keep it: and more advanced ways to this remotely and in person.
  • Don’t get caught out by difficult questions or members of the audience, discover methods to deal with both (no pepper spray necessary).
  • Learn how to adapt your material to different audiences.

Knock Out Pitching & Presenting

Become a master of the pitch with this expert-level course where you’ll learn how to talk about complex ideas, build credibility, use power words and maximise the power of ….the pause for impact. There’s a lesson in talking off-the-cuff too, so you can handle almost any question thrown at you.

  • Discover little known techniques to pitch your ideas within just 5 minutes – both within and outside your organisation.
  • Create a structured message that wins your audience – within 20 minutes.
  • Advance and polish your delivery techniques with video playback – whether pitching for millions, persuading about processes or updating your team.  Discover the online and offline tricks that grab and keep your audiences’ attention.

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Online Course Learn at your own pace with digital courses, that go where you are
  • Maximise your credibility with different audiences by using powerful and expressive use of movement and voice
  • Enhance your content and delivery to convey the most complex of ideas, even with mixed audiences ((the technical and non-techies)
  • Control nerves (instead of having them control you)
  • Discover how to engage mixed audiences whether you’re in a hybrid, virtual or in-person scenario
  • Use the Spice Rack™ to grab and keep your listeners’ attention
  • Uncover the weak and strong language
  • Learn now to make complex information tangible through visuals, verbals and gesture
  • Grab tips to develop effective use of visual aids
  • Handle difficult questions withh calm and confidence

Communication & Influence Courses

I’ll turn you (or your whole team) into confident communicators, even with dispersed teams. It’s how you think, listen, build trust and establish credibility.

Storytelling for Tech and Business

Find the right stories for a variety of business situations and be able to convey them in a compelling way. When data and facts don’t cut it, a narrative can kick start the action.

Creative Problem Solving

Know how to use communication to come up with better ideas and put them into practice, even if you’re working with others on the other side of the globe.