Storytelling Training

Storytelling is the true art of conveying a message, information or emotions through a structured narrative. It can take various forms including spoken words, written texts, visual media and much more.

But it’s not always easy.

That’s why I developed my storytelling training courses to help people just like you.

There’s no lecture with my training, it’s very much hands-on and totally customised to you and your needs.

Training can be delivered live and in-person or virtually over hours, days, or months: we’ll find something to fit your situation.

You’ll find basic prices and other add-ons, including ways to embed the learning, here.


What You’ll Learn Through Storytelling Training can cover any of the following:

  • exploring the relevance of stories for both the Business or the Tech side including the little known science which points to their effectiveness in provoking action.
  • knowing what keeps an audience enthralled – and what doesn’t.
  • defining where stories can be implemented.
  • realising what you need to consider about your audience to give the story meaning.
  • pinpointing how to find the right story for specific audiences.
  • discovering how to recycle a story to fit a theme or a specific audience.
  • finding the central point of any anecdote.
  • discovering the 18 themes that can be used for Teams, Projects, Leadership, Pitches and Behaviour.
  • using brainstorming techniques to find even more story themes.
  • discovering different structures for stories: from a one-minute anecdote to a one hour narrative.
  • determining how to wrap data and technical information into stories that reach across to both technical and business sides.
  • realising what a narrative arc is and how to use it to describe anything from behavioural change, product success or innovation.
  • acquiring a structure to talk about what you do to colleagues, clients or… anyone else.
  • learning the formula to give updates so you don’t stall when asked “How’s it going?”
  • using narratives to inspire change.
  • identifying and convey values through a story – either your own, a department or a whole company.
  • discovering how to put together an elevator pitch to introduce yourself when meeting anyone from prospects to colleagues.
  • knowing what details to omit and when you need details to communicate the narrative.
  • finding out how to use emotion in your story for relatability.
  • learning how to test your story.
  • realising what to do if you feel exposed in telling your story.
  • discovering linguistic techniques to hook listeners from the beginning and keep their attention.
  • using Signposting to keep your audience on track even with complex developments.
  • learning how to make technical or theoretical information tangible through the linguistic skills embedded in a narrative.
  • enhancing your story with voice and gesture.


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