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Do you work in the Hair and Beauty industry and have to host large-scale shows or demonstrate products to reluctant audiences? If you need help with how to project yourself and win people over, then contact me, Frankie Kemp today.

How to communicate in the Hair and Beauty sector

The Hair and Beauty industry is all about creativity and projecting the best possible view of yourself and your products. In highly competitive environments it can be hard to look and feel your best when you’re under pressure, or don’t feel confident in how you come across.

In the Hair and Beauty sector, your visual impact – as well as your content – plays a major part when you present. When you contact me I’ll get a grip on your business and challenges to help you with communication skills, how to improve your public speaking and how to communicate effectively to influence people. I’ll bring you my skills as a director of TV presenters, as well as a performer and improviser to capture the attention of your audiences and keep them in the palm of your hand.

What skills you need to succeed in the Hair and Beauty sector

You are at a major show and you’re up next. You have fifteen minutes to present your products to an audience who are weighing you up. They’re asking themselves how your offering is superior to what they already use. How do you channel your nervous energy?

  • How do you let your products speak for themselves and how do you know when you are saying too much?
  • How do you use tone and expression to lift your voice and elevate meaning?

Improving your presentation skills can make the difference for your business, and after the show you get to meet people one-on-one and that’s when vital networking skills can build relationships, lead to future work and clinch important agreements. Even product demonstrations on one person, or individual makeovers can be a challenge if you are working to sell your products, agree deals or get your ideas across. I can help you use language, voice and gesture to project confidence, assurance and the right message.

Example: How to deliver Knock-out Pitches and Presentations

I was hired by Wella – one of the world’s leading cosmetic companies – to help their team with finding individual styles in presenting, as well as adapting styles to different audiences and how to keep material fresh, for yourself and for the audience. I also showed them how to improvise while sticking to a basic script; in other words, how to introduce flair and individuality, while still getting the key points across. Delivering a presentation is just as much about you as it is the content, and this case study shows how I inspired the Wella team with key tips and advice, and how I followed that up with post-course content to keep them on their toes and improve them further.

How I can help with communications in your hair and beauty business

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Contact Frankie Kemp to improve communications for your hair and beauty business

I can help your Hair and Beauty business reach and exceed its potential by using speech, gesture and personality. All these natural assets can be refined and improved to enable your people to flourish, and I know how to do it. If you book a free call with me, we can spend fifteen minutes having an informal chat about you and your business and what challenges you face. This will help me get to know you and what I can do to help, then we can decide which of my courses might be most beneficial or customise the right solution for you.

“This is possibly the best training I’ve ever done and the Tips by Text were brilliant. It was an excellent way to keep the learning in our heads and I’ve got them to refer back to.”

Karen Wilkinson, National Accounts Education Lead at Wella





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