Public Speaking Training

Do you need help with public speaking? You’ve come to the right place.

I will coach you with the skills to improve your public speaking and feel more confident in your delivery to any type of audience.

Public speaking is an essential skill that can significantly impact your personal and professional life. Despite its importance, many people struggle with public speaking due to fear or lack of experience.

I can change that.

This isn’t a lecture – it’s all hands on, totally customised and everything is directed to your stated outcomes.

I deliver training a variety of different ways,  either live and in-person or virtually over hours, days, or months: we’ll find something to fit your situation.

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Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, is a common problem. It’s often caused by past negative experiences, lack of experience, or fear of judgment from others.

Understanding the root cause of your fear is the first step in overcoming it.


Public Speaking Training Tips can comprise any combination of the learning blocks below

  • Grab your audiences’ attention and keep it throughout using The Spice Rack™.
  • Master techniques to exude calmness and confidence during your entrance, even amidst nervousness.
  • Explore methods to discern your audience’s needs while delivering a presentation.
  • Rapidly construct a well-organized presentation structure.
  • Unlock the secret formula for impactful opening and closing of presentations, whether in-person or online.
  • Attain at least three strategies for managing nerves and boosting self-assurance.
  • Harness the power of gestures, eye contact, and vocal modulation to their fullest potential.
  • Cultivate a commanding physical presence.
  • Utililize visual aids effectively to bolster content, no matter its technical complexity.
  • Recognize the nuances of communication across various contexts: in-person, hybrid, and online.
  • Embrace the art of expressive and clear gestures, particularly valuable for technical presentations to diverse audiences.
  • Handle challenging questions with finesse and expertise.
  • Harness the breath to enhance vocal richness and projection.
  • Learn techniques to infuse your voice with captivating nuances.
  • Master the use of handheld microphones and adapt vocally to different environments.
  • Enhance your ability to construct and deliver team presentations, even under time constraints.
  • Employ signposting to keep your audience engaged and on track.
  • Strike the right balance between data, storytelling, and emotion.
  • Avoid overwhelming non-technical listeners with complex information without oversimplifying for the technically informed.
  • Craft presentations using short time slots throughout the day, minimizing dependence on lengthy scripting.
  • Trim verbosity with a method for staying focused and concise without relying on a script.
  • Replace weak words with stronger vocabulary and phrasing for added impact.
  • Fine-tune your eye contact for optimal communication in online, offline, and hybrid settings.
  • Adapt your content on the fly with confidence.
  • Inject humour into even the driest of subjects.
  • Receive valuable video and verbal feedback on your presentation skills.
  • Boost your spontaneity and confidence in impromptu speaking.
  • Earn the reputation of a sought-after panel guest.
  • Master the art of presenting on stage, on screen, or in one-on-one office interactions.
  • Understand the correlation between audience seating and reactions in in-person settings.
  • Learn effective strategies for navigating challenging interactions.
  • Approach difficult questions with a newfound sense of expertise.
  • Enhance your confidence in contributing to meetings, whether virtual or in-person.


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