Interpersonal Communication Skills Training

Interpersonal communication skills encompass a wide range of abilities that go beyond verbal communication, including active listening, empathy, nonverbal communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness, and adaptability.

If you want to learn how to improve your interpersonal communication skills, I can help.

My training courses are all hands on and totally customised so we achieve your stated outcomes.

There may be call for video and I might suggest bringing in actors or Zooming in experts.

I’ve employed a film crew to capture individuals sharing their stories and pitches. On another occasion, I orchestrated a team development session that culminated in an engaging dragnet experience followed by a BBQ celebration!

Whether it’s a one-hour individual session or a group gathering spanning days or even months, anticipate a dynamic blend of psychological theory, exploration, lively discussions, and ample hands-on practice.

You’ll find basic prices and other add-ons, including ways to embed the learning, here.

Interpersonal communication skills training is valuable for individuals across various professions, industries, and walks of life, as effective communication is a cornerstone of personal and professional success.


Key Features Of My Interpersonal Communication Skills Training

Programmes can combine elements, adding others as necessary:

  • differentiating between influence, manipulation, and coercion.
  • identifying strategies to overcome internal barriers in the art of influencing.
  • boosting self-assurance and fostering a mutual sense of trust.
  • recognising diverse opportunities to initiate change, whether formally or informally.
  • effectively handle challenging interactions and navigate resistance.
  • exploring pathways to exert influence, be it direct or indirect.
  • applying versatile influence frameworks applicable across various contexts and beyond technical expertise.
  • pinpointing your preferred communication style and flexing it to establish stronger connection with others.
  • enhancing your capacity to voice objections and uncertainties while maintaining rapport.
  • harnessing body language and posture to confidently express opinions during meetings, devoid of awkwardness.
  • forging quick and enduring connections with teams, clients, and prospects.
  • decoding unspoken cues—understanding what remains unsaid.
  • structuring impromptu responses to inquiries, free from unnecessary verbosity.
  • learning the art of gestures for heightened expressiveness and clarity.
  • skilfully addressing challenging questions and adeptly defer when necessary.
  • utilizing breath to enrich vocal resonance and achieve greater projection.
  • implementing techniques that infuse your voice with a broader spectrum of expressive colours.
  • amplifying confidence in verbal contribution, both in virtual and physical meetings.
  • discovering effective methods for seeking feedback and extracting its maximum value, including handling potentially negative feedback.
  • transitioning from dialogue to action—quick techniques to follow up post-meetings.
  • cultivating poised and approachable body language, leaving positive initial impressions.
  • unlocking the secret of delivering impactful and engaging updates, whether to your team, senior leadership, or the board.
  • utilising a structured approach for swift influence—proposing ideas without reliance on slides.
  • eliciting timely responses to your email communications.
  • navigating and resolve conflicts and misunderstandings through written correspondence.
  • finding the right tone in both spoken and written communication.
  • defining the three types of subject headings that get your emails opened.
  • structuring written communication to ensure desired actions are taken.
  • uncovering language that undermines you and mastering suitable alternatives.
  • harnessing the power and wording of holding emails for strategic communication.
  • adjusting information delivery for those seeking summarized insights and those desiring comprehensive details.


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