Terms and Conditions for Online Self-paced Courses

"How long does it take to get through the course?"

The average amount of time this would take is 4 weeks at around 20 minutes 3 days a week.  The rest you can apply during your interactions.

"Why limit the course to three months' access?"

In my experience with clients, if you don’t set a deadline, you wont use it.  The result is you’ve thrown an opportunity away. To ensure you get the most from the course, there’s a deadline but you’ll see that it only takes roughly 4 weeks to get through so you can buy it now and take your time to get through the material.

"Can I download material on my computer?"

Yes, you can.  The point is that you can keep the material wherever you want so that you can apply what you learn.

What you can’t do is distribute it.  

This belongs to you and you only as you’re the one who’s purchased it.  If people want free stuff, it’s on the blog: Tips ‘n’ Tools so you can refer them to www.frankiekemp.com/tipsntools. 

"Can you guarantee these skills will work?"

I’m confident if you apply the skills I teach you, you can start seeing improvements in weeks, sometimes even days.  You can get in touch with me on each lesson page if you have queries.  Ultimately, following the action steps I give you, you’ll be more likely to reach your outcomes.  

"Is your payment system secure?"

Credit card payments are processed using Stripe‘s AES-256 encryption. We do not have any access or store any credit card information on this website, or anywhere else. Payment pages on this website are secured using a certified SSL certificate: Let’s Encryptand SHA-256, with RSA Encryption.

"Do you offer a money-back guarantee?"

Check out the outline on the payment page if you’re unsure whether this is for you.  Within each lesson, can use the chat box if you get stuck.  I’ve put this together so that won’t need a guarantee: you’ll know what you’re getting and if you change your mind, you’ve access to the materials if you change it back again.  Still in doubt? Book a Discovery Call here.  It’s 15 minutes and free!

"Where can I see my account status?"

You can see your active membership by going to your My Profile page.

"Where can I find a list of the transactions I've made?"

You can see your active membership by going to your My Profile page.

"What happens if I choose to pay installments and can't pay the second of the two payments?"

You have a 2 day grace period before being locked out the course.  There may be an issue with your card and not your funds so contact my admin on hello@frankiekemp.com and we’ll attempt to sort this out.

"What's your Privacy Policy?"

There’s no selling of your data, or giving it away.  Plus you can subscribe and unsubscribe easily from any publicity.  It’s all here.

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