Three Small Ways to Write Emails that People Act Upon

Three Small Ways to write Emails that People act on.

If you want people to reply to your emails with more speed, then use the following pointers in your messages and get rid of those ‘chase up’ flags!

1. Write Specific Titles

Make sure the title matches the subject and is specific. This email below is not specific enough:

Stella may have 3 meetings so when she sees Jock’s email, she may be confused as to which one Jock’s referring.

Now compare this email heading, where Jock’s been very specific about the subject so Stella will instantly know which meeting is being mentioned.

2. Keep Subjects Separate

It’s much easier to respond to subjects when you send each one in a separate email.

If you combine subjects in emails, there’s more risk of the them being ‘buried’ and ignored. To mitigate this, and to make it easier for you to keep track of where you are with each issue, allot a separate email to different subjects.

3. Give the right amount of information

One of the reasons why no one replies to your email, is information overload. On the other hand, too little information and the receiver can be left in the dark.

Some people want detail, some just the gist. The safest bet here is to:

  1. keep your points succinct and short;
  2. ensure your points are numbered and well space, makiing it easier for the eye to scan information;

  3. highlight important points with a space above and below in addition to emphasising with the use of a different colour.


If you need to provide extra information, you can:

  • offer a meeting/call
  • provide an attachment, giving those who want to ‘drill down’ the opportunity to get the detail.

Applying these tips will help you to get from this…

to this:

…without pulling teeth!

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