8 ways to get what you want from presentations

7 October 2013 / Presentations

You've just finished a fantastic presentation and people are gurgling with joy about you/your content/your services.You get back to base ...

A simple way to use visuals when presenting

26 May 2013 / All Posts, Featured, Presentations

How to use visuals to engage your audiences.

How to increase your ‘Presence’

4 March 2013 / All Posts, Body Language, Effective Communication, Featured, Influencing and Persuasion, Presentations

Some people seem to find catching the attention of others effortless, be it in a job interview, presentation or a ...

You don’t need your name. Here’s why.

6 December 2012 / All Posts, Presentations

'I can't remember names'  Speech developed long after body language and it is our non-verbal signals that enabled our ancestors to ...