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How to introduce yourself in a presentation

24 January 2022 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Presentations

How do you tell people who you are in a presentation? This guide shows you what to include when you introduce yourself.

3 ways to handle presentation anxiety and nerves

21 March 2021 / All Posts, Presentations

Presentation nerves affect the best of them. Here are three ways to control anxiety before you present. They're quick and effective.

How to sniff out your audience before you present

24 April 2019 / All Posts, Presentations

As I wrote in this post here, it's vital to give your audience a motivator to listen to you, otherwise ...

99% of presenters don’t use this – but you can’t get action without it

14 April 2019 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Featured, Presentations

I can get into your brain.   You wanna know how? Before I let on, I’m going to tell you how you can ...

What’s More Important in Your Presentation? Content or Delivery?

7 January 2014 / All Posts, Body Language, Presentations

Presentation day looming? You've slaved over your slides, ensuring that you've remembered your key points and a few vital statistics. But something's ...