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The 7 components of trust – and where relationships often break down

24 October 2021 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Influencing and Persuasion, Team Building

Did you know that lack of trust is the reason why most people end their relationships? Think back now: a marriage, ...

Setting goals is a waste of time without this….

19 January 2020 / All Posts

Got anything you want to achieve this year? Whenever people set goals, they tend to miss out on one crucial factor.  ...

One of the main reasons for couples to row – and for workplace tiffs

16 November 2014 / All Posts, Body Language, Effective Communication, Featured

Such is my influence that in the following video, I've managed to rope in Clark Gable - who's not even with us anymore. All for one purpose: to reveal the reason for couples arguing and workplace tiffs.

Could you change your mind, please?

26 August 2011 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Productive Meetings

"These conversation are driving me nuts:  we 've got major business opportunities in France and Turkey and no-there to to ...

What active listening really means

28 July 2011 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Influencing and Persuasion

There are times when you think you're better off talking to a brick wall and times when...actually you are e.g. ...

How to deliver messages on behalf of others (and avoid being sniped at)

29 June 2011 / All Posts, Effective Communication

There you are, delivering a message on behalf of your line manager to another and as you're relaying the information, ...

9 ways to keep your people motivated during change

24 May 2011 / All Posts, Team Building

When there's been a mass 'purge' of people, those that stay can be left in the swill of survivor's guilt, ...