Amplify Your Credibility With This Technique

17 May 2024 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Influencing and Persuasion, Presentations, Storytelling

Use this quick narrative structure to prove your credibility or that of your service or product. No need for plot lines or protagonists.

How to get useful feedback at the end of your presentation (instead of blank stares)

21 November 2022 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Featured, Presentations, Productive Meetings

This guide explains three ways you can collate constructive feedback on your proposals and presentations - before they've left the meeting.

The one word you need to be using MUCH MORE on remote calls

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Online meetings aren't made for maximum engagement and usually they're missing a trick.This 'trick' is the simplest of ways to ...

3 ways to use anticipation to keep your audience alert (and wanting what you’ve got)

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The danger of an audience drifting off mentally when they're in front of you is as imminent online as when ...

7 ways to hook your audience when presenting online

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Guilty! I admit it. I've logged into online presentations, turning off the camera and mic.All very convenient as this gave ...