The 3-Point Structure Of Persuasion (And Great Presentations)

18 February 2024 / All Posts, Effective Communication, Influencing and Persuasion, Presentations

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7 Reasons Communication Goes Wrong and What To Do About Them

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For specialists in Tech specifically, here are the seven common reasons why communication goes wrong and how to put them right.

Why Do Boneheads Get Bonuses? – How To Share Your Wins Without Looking Smug

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Why did that idiot get a pay rise? What is it about some people that helps them to prosper when other people have been putting the work in? Read here to find out what they're doing that you may need to...

8 Ways To Get What You Want From Presentations

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The 4 Power Positions And How To Use Them In A Meeting

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Where you choose to sit not only shows your status, but alters your behaviour. If you want to increase your influence - whether you have authority or not - you can use one of the 4 Power Positions to up your game.

Give Them A Wallop: What To Do When You’re Cut Short In Your Prime

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You've been asked to give a presentation to the Board, but they've cut you off and asked you to spit out your message as quickly as possible. Here's how to do it, without losing impact.

When Advice is Not the Answer

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Giving advice when it's not wanted is a sure way to get someone to ignore you. Read this to learn when and how to give it so that others listen.

How To Change The Behaviour Of Others (Without Them Realising)

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Need to manage challenging behaviour. Use this technique to encourage others to solution-driven thinking and take the push and shove out of behavioural change.

Do You Leak When You Speak?

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You *think* you're speaking with conviction but your body language is tripping you up. Here's how.