Engaging Presentations

Grab the attention of others and keep it whether you're in person or virtual
£ 397
  • 7 practical modules, with Action Steps, geared to instant application
  • 32 short videos (averaging 3.5 mins in length)
  • Templates for preparing your own presentations
  • Checklist for peer feedback
  • Get answers from Frankie directly in the portal
  • BONUS #1 Get Stand-out Storytelling FOR FREE - worth £37
  • BONUS #2 Grab the downloadable handbook included in the fee (clients pay £1,850 for that)
  • Get coupons to save on private coaching with Frankie - save as much as 50% (£400)
  • SAVE A WHOPPING £2,287! (That's spare change for a luxury holiday)

Influence and Impact

Develop an outstanding ability to make changes and motivate others
£ 397
  • 21 modules which you can do in any order you like
  • 25 SHORT videos, averaging 3 mins for bitesize learning
  • Quizzes to apply these techniques to real life situations
  • Action steps to apply your learning in real life
  • Influence technique cheatsheet
  • Get answers directly from Frankie in the portal
  • BONUS #1 Grab the downloadable handbook included in the fee (clients pay £1,850) but not you!
  • Get coupons to save on private coaching with Frankie - save as much as 50% (£400)
  • Get savvy and save up to £2,250 in Bonuses

Stand-out Storytelling™ (INSTANT ACCESS)

Data dry and fact-full? Drive change with compelling stories - for Business and Tech!Get access to my step-by-step system to help you find, structure and tell stories.Grab Stand-out Storytelling for Business and Tech.

Get Stand-out Storytelling (+ Bonuses) FREE when you buy ‘Engaging Presentations”

Got a question about the online courses? The answers are here!

The average amount of time each course would take is 4 weeks at around 20 minutes 3 days a week.  The rest you can apply in your interactions.

The Pilot Course needs to be completed by mid-November 2023 so that I can gain feedback, making any necessary fixes before launching properly.   Moreover, the goal is that you improve your skills and get maximum value from the materials.  In my experience, when a deadline is set, you’ll be more likely to use what you learn and apply it.  You’ll get the results sooner.  

I’m confident if you apply the skills I teach you, you can start seeing improvements in weeks, sometimes even days.  You can get in touch with me on each lesson page if you have queries.  Ultimately, following the action steps I give you, you’ll be more likely to reach your outcomes.

Yes, you can.  The point is that you can keep the material wherever you want so that you can apply what you learn.

What you can’t do is distribute it.  

This belongs to you and you only as you’re the one who’s purchased it.  If people want free stuff, it’s on the blog: Tips ‘n’ Tools so you can refer them to www.frankiekemp.com/tipsntools. 

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Check out the outline on the payment page and the preview lesson(s) if you’re unsure whether this is for you.  Within each lesson, can use the chat box if you get stuck.  I’ve put this together so that won’t need a guarantee: you’ll know what you’re getting and if you change your mind, you’ve access to the materials if you change it back again.  Still in doubt? Book a Discovery Call here.  It’s 15 minutes and free!|

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