Tell me…is this you? You work in Technology and can demonstrate your knowledge, balancing the data and figures to achieve the results you want on screen, but you can’t convey this to your peers or to management?

If it is…don’t worry.

The Tech sector is a notoriously difficult arena in which to earn trust and credibility, but I can help you improve your communication skills working in Technology, so contact me today.

Communication in the Tech Sector

Tech companies thrive on data and the visual representation of how numbers and systems cause problems and create solutions. There are many ways you can make these facts look aesthetically pleasing, but as an overall presentation, are people really listening? Are they taking your points seriously? Is the important detail lost in a flat and uninspiring delivery?

You can be top of the tree in terms of finding these solutions and developing ideas, but if you can’t convince people, earn trust and convey influence then how can you make progress within your company and externally to your company, with customers and potential customers? Communication Skills training from Frankie Kemp is your answer. I can show you how storytelling can work for you, how problem-solving makes you a great communicator and how strong conversational skills can make the difference in getting buy-in with colleagues, prospects and client. Often these are skills that we didn’t know we didn’t have, but with a little bit of self-awareness, coaching and practice, you can become a Communication Ninja very quickly.

How to develop your Tech Communication Skills

Working with me on your Communication Skills in a business environment, you’ll realise where – and how – tone, pitch and presence can be improved and their relationship to how you stand, breathe and gesture. I can develop your confidence, showing you simple but little-known techniques to make  pitches are more convincing.

This will improve your influencing skills, your presenting skills and your public-speaking skills. Even if you’ve never had to pitch your ideas to an audience before, I’ll guide you through this so that you emit confidence, building rapport and a trust with your audience: even with Senior Management.

Sometimes we think talking is enough, but there needs to be structure and relevance to what we’re saying. I’ll show you the frameworks to build your argument while helping you harness nervous energy.  I’ll give you the exercises to channel this into a dynamic delivery that makes you a high achiever.

Example – Working with Excelian

Excelian is an award-winning Tech consultancy which recognised it had a skills gap between tech expertise and how this related to clients. I partnered with Cass Business School to deliver regular half day communication skills classes to all levels of the organisation, from established staff to new graduates in an induction programme. This targeted both virtual and face-to-face communications and helped employees achieve credibility, self-confidence and trust.

Contact Frankie Kemp to bridge your skills gap

Knowledge is one thing, how you use it is another. I can show you how talking for talking’s sake can be counter-productive. You need to be able to channel conversations and deliver information with structure, conviction and personality. This is how you can build relationships and make sure your ideas are taken on board. Be less robot!

Contact me and we can set-up a free discovery call in which we can highlight your current communication problems in an informal, 15-minute discussion. Then we can establish the Communication Skills courses that will suit your Technology business and get the results you need.


“I’ve been working with Frankie for years now, either on professional development for myself, for promotional interviews for my colleagues or with teams.

On a 121 basis, she helps senior management communicate in a more direct and incisive way. But be prepared, Frankie is very direct and won’t let you be a drama queen. She’ll keep going until she gets a result.

On a group level, she can keep a group totally engaged, energising them towards concrete outcomes using a unique combination of creativity and pragmatism.”

Kieran Murphy, CIO

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Presenting and Pitching Courses

Nail your big moment, with loads of practical tips and opportunities to try them out. Courses can be customised to any level so that everyone becomes less vanilla and more thriller.

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Communication & Influence Courses

I’ll turn you (or your whole team) into confident communicators, even with dispersed teams. It’s how you think, listen, build trust and establish credibility.

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Storytelling for Tech and Business

Find the right stories for a variety of business situations and be able to convey them in a compelling way. When data and facts don’t cut it, a narrative can kick start the action.

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Creative Problem Solving

Know how to use communication to come up with better ideas and put them into practice, even if you’re working with others on the other side of the globe.

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