Do you work in Engineering but feel like people aren’t listening to your ideas? Or do you struggle to influence people and shine during presentations? I’m Frankie Kemp and I can give you the communication skills to pitch ideas, present your personality and change people’s opinions.

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Communication Skills for Engineers

You’ve both the qualifications and experience to call yourself a technical specialist in your field. But when you pitch your ideas to other people you can’t engage your audience, there’s a lack of any positive feedback and your proposals often fall flat.

The problem with an industry sector based on facts and detail is that that can be hard to communicate and ‘sell’ to people who are more interested in personality and character. Your delivery can be flat, robotic and info-heavy, when people want spark, a bit of emotion and individuality.

Work with me to deliver the information you need in a completely different way; with projection, with identity and with a delivery that can be both persuasive and influential but all in a way that will make your feel more you: not as if you’re acting.

My Presenting courses are designed for industry sectors where people skills haven’t always been a priority.  Conversational Skills have never been too important, but now you need to present your ideas and win people over. I can support you in enhancing your communication skills as an Engineer in a way that will make a real difference.

How I can improve your Communication Skills as an Engineer

Your career progression has seen you master the data, crunch the numbers (or code), and get your teeth into the issues.  Now you’ve designed solutions and need to present your ideas. I can help you combat your nerves, deliver effectively and engage people with a knock-out presentation, so you’re less vanilla and more thriller but not in an inauthentic, ‘showy’ way but in a manner that makes your audience want to listen.

Sign-up for my Communication Skills Courses and Presentation Skills Training and very soon you;ll be able to lead with confidence, impart those major decisions and use your influence positively. Wave goodbye to the days of being ignored or passed over for opportunities. You’ll create a positive impact, earning credibility with your peers and with all levels of management.

Example: How to stop shaking when you present

In this blog article I direct you to a video which shows you how to harness nervous energy when you’re presenting. We’ve all been there; desperate to get a pitch underway but experiencing a mix of excitement at transmitting your ideas to a wider audience along with utter trepidation at public-speaking and the idea that people won’t listen. This video explains why you shake when you’re nervous, what you can do about it and how you can rid those nervous tremors forever.

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I guide you in increasing your verbal and non-verbal presence during presentations and all forms of communication, with simple techniques that anyone can practice and master. Pretty soon your Engineering colleagues and managers will be listening intently to your pitches, engaging with your discussion topics and taking on board your ideas.

Sign-up for my Communications Skills and Presentation Skills courses and I can help you become less vanilla and more thriller. We can arrange a free, no-obligation discovery call which involves an informal 15 minute chat in which you share your challenges as well as what you want to achieve so that I support you in developing your Communication Skills. Get in touch today and I can turn you and your Engineering team into great communicators!


“Your presentation training worked miracles: no worries in meetings anymore even when I present to Arabian Royalty.”

Paul Clark, General Manager, AEC

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Presenting and Pitching Courses

Nail your big moment, with loads of practical tips and opportunities to try them out. Courses can be customised to any level so that everyone becomes less vanilla and more thriller.

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Communication & Influence Courses

I’ll turn you (or your whole team) into confident communicators, even with dispersed teams. It’s how you think, listen, build trust and establish credibility.

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Storytelling for Tech and Business

Find the right stories for a variety of business situations and be able to convey them in a compelling way. When data and facts don’t cut it, a narrative can kick start the action.

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Creative Problem Solving

Know how to use communication to come up with better ideas and put them into practice, even if you’re working with others on the other side of the globe.

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