Creative Agencies and Marketers

Creative Agencies And Marketers

Do you work for a creative agency or a marketing company, and struggle to communicate your ideas? I can help you make your thoughts coherent and to present them with clarity, so contact me and we can get started today.

Communicating in the Creative Agencies and Marketing Sector

Businesses hire creative agencies and marketers because they want ideas. They want to be inspired and they need you to understand their message and ethos, then translate that into creative branding proposals. This gives you three key communications problems; the visual translation of these ideas, presenting them in a way that will be understood, and making sure the ideas are taken on board.

On top of this, if you’re dealing with technical specialists, you’ll need to convey these creative concepts in a way concrete way that’s consistent with the way your clients thinks.

Working with me, you’ll be able to improve your Communications Skills as well as your Presentation Skills. I’ll be able to help you influence people through communications so that your ideas have gravitas and authority, and are therefore more likely to be accepted. So, if you’re a creative agency struggling to succeed in convincing clients or achieving buy-in for your ideas, then contact me today and I can help you turn this around and make your business flourish.

How I can help your Creative Agency improve its communications

Picture the scene; you’ve been given a brief to inject life into a flagging brand and have drafted out ideas for a new logo, uniform fonts and colours for product and website branding with a new campaign to improve social media engagement. However, you’re not confident about your pitch:

  • Your ideas are too abstract and not coherent enough
  • You’re not convinced you have answered the client’s brief
  • You’re feeling the pressure of deadlines as well as how to answer difficult questions.  Conveying your ideas in a way that is meaningful to the client is adding pressure

Even if you have confidence about your concepts and how they relate to the client’s needs, you’ll still need to gain buy-in through conversational skills and presenting skills.

Creative Problem-Solving is not only about generating ideas that formulate an actionable plan but being able to transpose these into collateral that the client can use but also about demonstrating a convincing rationale that makes your client run with it. Story-boarding or communicating a concept journey is meant to be brief and visual, but it has to be inspirational, fulfilling the needs of the client, both emotionally and logically.  Hence you’ll need structure when you’re walking your client through the narrative. I can show you how Storytelling for Tech and Business can be done successfully to fulfil a brief.

Example: how to tell a story

In order to convince a client on branding, product or advertising ideas you need to be good at telling stories. Your creative ideas need to use imagination and take the client on a journey. The client needs to be inspired in the same way their customer base needs to be inspired, so you also need to stay true to the message and ethos of their brand. When you’re presenting a pitch of your creative ideas you your narrative needs to be compelling, and this article tells you how to do that. The ingredients of a good story include selective detail, the creation of tension and the ability to conclude the arc with impact or a neat resolution.  As a result, you need to be descriptive, keep it real and relatable so that your artistic concepts are tangible to the client: you’ll need to translate your ideas into the framework of the client’s business goals.

Let me help your creative agency with communicating

I can help you with the difficult skill of making thoughts and ideas clear and concrete, and then how you can use presenting skills to influence people and achieve buy-in. Click on my courses link to see how my courses can help you with:

You can make a free booking on this link and we can spend fifteen minutes having an informal chat about your business and its challenges. This will help me understand your business and its limitations, and establish how I can work with you to improve your communications and develop your business. I can make you a Communication Ninja!


Not only have colleagues and the Directors remarked on how engaging my presentations have become but our clients (in tech) grasp our concepts quicker meaning the whole process has sped up.

Liam Speranza, Art Director, The Charles NYC



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