Communication Skills Training Software Developers

A Software Developer knows how to find solutions, work with data and demonstrate commitment and dedication, but as a Software Developer do you know how to lead? What about how to influence people? Are you able to engage a wide range of people and show your true personality?

In situations where you have proven your track record as a Software Developer, but lack the communication skills to further your career ambitions, then I can help you, so contact me, Frankie Kemp, for expert coaching on communication skills.

My Communication Skills courses for you

The fact that I’ve worked with clients from many different industry sectors, means that you’ll benefit from a rapid analysis of any gaps in your communication skills and the potential for your developments.  You’ll be able to engage your listeners and steer action, whether you’re speaking to the Business or Tech side of your organisation.

As a Software Developer you’re probably used to working on your own and dedicating long hours to individual projects. Increasingly, however, you’re being asked to present ideas to colleagues, to lead discussions on solutions, manage a team and sell solutions to customers.

Suddenly you find that you don’t have all the skills after all. My range of communication skills courses includes structured coaching on all the verbal and non-verbal techniques you might lack, including:

So contact me today and we can start to discuss how I can help you become a Communicator Ninja.

How I can improve your Communication Skills

As a rounded professional you need the full range of communication skills. My coaching and training courses are able to identify and address these needs. Partnering with me, I can support you in:

  • communicating clearly and confidently
  • being an effective leader
  • making meetings more productive
  • convincing and influencing people through presentations
  • projecting presence and engaging people
  • improving your verbal and non-verbal communications

Contact me to become an Effective Communicator

Don’t let your communication skills hold you back. You’ve got where you are today with your current skillset but to move onwards you need to be aware of the potential for further development. If you want to move upwards or initiate action it’s essential to build rapport and win trust in the workplace.  In order to fulfil your potential, contact me, Frankie Kemp, today.

I’ll give you the tools to build your credibility and successfully develop relationships at work.

Communication is the key to making your Software Developer role successful and progressive.  To build the skills you need, get in touch today for a free, 15-minute consultation.


“Great tools that will make a real difference. Inspiring with help to structure and present ideas better, with confidence.”

Rapid Influence workshop participant

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Presenting and Pitching Courses

Nail your big moment, with loads of practical tips and opportunities to try them out. Courses can be customised to any level so that everyone becomes less vanilla and more thriller.

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Communication & Influence Courses

I’ll turn you (or your whole team) into confident communicators, even with dispersed teams. It’s how you think, listen, build trust and establish credibility.

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Storytelling for Tech and Business

Find the right stories for a variety of business situations and be able to convey them in a compelling way. When data and facts don’t cut it, a narrative can kick start the action.

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Creative Problem Solving

Know how to use communication to come up with better ideas and put them into practice, even if you’re working with others on the other side of the globe.

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