Influence and Impact™

Develop an outstanding ability to make changes and motivate others, without feeling like a fraud.  Discover an authentic way of building engagement and driving action.

“Results were measurable and instant as well. Thank you for what was an engaging, innovative and enjoyable course Frankie, the skills and techniques I learnt will stay with me throughout my professional career.”
Fran D’Arcy

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, I’ve got just the thing for you.  It’s all covered in ‘Influence and Impact’, an online course that will help you master the art of influence with proven strategies and techniques…

Here’s the problem:

  • you’re dealing with resistance and push-back
  • being overlooked, ignored or not taken seriously is holding you back
  • steering people to commit to action seems to be a matter of luck, rather than skill
  • enhancing gravitas or ‘executive presence’ seems elusive – you don’t want to come across as ‘stiff’ or unnatural

Maybe you’re making these mistakes:

Imagine this:

Become a Communication Ninja!

Develop your ability to drive action

Create better interpersonal relationships at work (and beyond)

Open up   opportunities at work with ease

Who’s this programme for?

Packed with useful tools to apply in personal and business life.”
Nicola Franklin

What’s in it for you?

  1. build relationships around and inside your organisation;
  2. maximise your credibility;
  3. overcome resistance and build effective coalitions;
  4. create change, either directly or indirectly;
  5. enhance your ability to drive action, even with those whom you don’t directly manage;
  6. become a trusted colleague, consultant or leader;
  7. discover how to have others listen and engage with you;
  8. increase your job security and widen your opportunities.

and I’m there to help you every step of the way with Chat on every single lesson.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside Influence and Impact


1. What influence is and what it isn’t

  • The difference between manipulation and influence

Outcome: you realise the difference between sleazy, underhand methods and influence that builds trust.

2. Personal barriers to Influence 

  • External and internal barriers to influence
  • Defining your own barriers

Outcome: you’ll identify what will motivate you to use what you’ll learn.

3. Influencing through others 

  • Using Direct and Syndicated Influence so you don’t have to do it all yourself

Outcome: you’ll know how to influence those who aren’t in your circle.

4. The 7 Pillars of Influence guide, resources and action sheets

  • Discover ways to ensure others fulfil their promises and encourage prospects to become clients
  • Build rapport quickly to effectively influence others – without having to sacrifice who you really are
  • Use your authority wisely
  • Learn how to influence up
  • Know how to present choices when there are several courses of action
  • Build relationships virtually and in-person by raising your visibility
  • Increase your influence even if you’ve no authority
  • What active listening really is and how to use it (according to an FBI Hostage Negotiator)

Outcome: you’ll learn a range of skills and techniques to help you in a vast amount of professional situations, no matter what your role or level.  You can even use them at home, like some of my clients!


5. 7 Pillars Quiz 

  • Which techniques would you use in these work specific situations?

Outcome: test yourself on the techniques in real-life situations.


6. Non-verbal communication

  • How to use eye contact and when to break it.
  • Using gesture to initiate action
  • How your non-verbals can either encourage discussion or increase how decisive you are

Outcome: you’ll discover how Influence can be used to establish greater presence, rapport and authority.

Be more you, with Frankie Kemp

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Hi! I’m Frankie Kemp, the founder of I help technical experts communicate with flair and impact, so they can go from bland to brilliant.I’ve helped companies like Simply Business, Kaspersky and Peabody ditch the robot mode and master the art of storytelling, presenting, influencing and problem-solving - with a dash of fun.I’ve seen drama from all angles - as an acting school owner, a TV director in Turkey and a diva wrangler. My experience means I can help you handle those difficult situations or people.I’m also an award-winning storyteller, actor and playwright. With a combination of theatre skills, knowledge of psychology and business savvy, I help thousands of clients speak so others listen.My book ‘Technical Experts Become Powerful Presenters’ has 100K downloads. I’m a keynote speaker at conferences like the IoD and the CIPD as well as a great podcast guest - just ask ‘Mind the Product’.Want some free tips and tools to level up your game? Check out my fabulous blog. It’s time to shine, people.

Frankie’s course in intensive communication helped me so much in my career and all business and personal communications: I highly recommend her.
Amjad Fadil

Enrol in Influence and Impact to tap into your ability to manage up, down and around your organisation.  Become a Communication Ninja now!