How to stop shaking when you present

Frankie Kemp

16 December 2015

I’ll show you how to get rid of the tremors.  However, even more voters wanted to see ‘the squeezy buttock clip’.

So I’ve also thrown in a ‘clenchy thigh’ clip as well as  2 techniques to help feel more controlled, instantly.

There’s no need to throw any children under the sofa in case they see the video, because much to the disappointment of some, this is education, or rather eduplaytion, as I don’t get starchy about these videos.

To break it down for you:

    • In the first minute I explain why you shake;
    • By 1 minute 20, you’ll see the ‘clenchy bum and thigh’ clip;
    • At 1 minute 48  you’ll know how to really deal with all that nervous energy.

Click on the video and enjoy!

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