How to provoke action at the end of a presentation

Frankie Kemp

8 April 2019

Today, I’m going to talk about your endings.

The way you end your presentations I mean.

I’ve seen so many presentations when the speaker reaches the end, only to stand there faltering as they’re not quite sure what they should do next.

They’ve said all they wanted to say and now it feels like it’s gone a bit flat.

You can see they feel like a bit of a muppet.

What you want to do is end decisively.

You need to stir your audience up in some way.  Agitate them to action, provoke them to motion.

Here are some ways to end your presentation or pitch so the note is not flat but a full stop that resounds with finality:

You may think you’re only giving information.  However, you still want your listeners to do something .

This could include considering consequences or value, spreading the word or applying the information to a specific task.

To strengthen the endings of your presentations even further, go for a 3 point closure over here


Your Action:

Consider what you’ve just read.  Now imagine your next presentation and apply one of these action steps so that you end with certainty.

(Or stuff a few of them into one sentence as desired, as I’ve just done.)

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