How to make your point spontaneously

You’ve just been called upon to speak. But your mind is double flipping. What to say? What to saaaayyyyyy. ?⏳

Instead of waffling and flustering a response, you need to…


Here are five ways to do this:

1. Bridge –

use when: the issue seems to be unrelated to the main matter.

a) “The key issue is…”

b) “What’s has most impact on the outcome is…”


2. Hedge –

use when: the situation has contradictory aspects or there are different points of view.

a) “There are reasons why we don’t do this now. But it could be done. Let me explain.”

b) “There are some disadvantages but a key benefit. Want me to lay these out?”


3. Rephrase the question –

use when: a question is ambivalent or multi-layered

a) “So what you’re asking is…? ”

b) “What you mean is….?”

Note: not when someone asks you if you want black coffee e.g. “Do you mean ‘would I like it without milk?” ?


4. Praise –

use when: the question is unique or unusual (or when you can pretend it’s either of them).

a) “That’s an interesting question.”

b) “No-one’s asked that before!”

Note: don’t say it’s interesting if it’s obviously not e.g. someone asks you to repeat a date.


5. Redirect –

use when: you can’t know the answer as it depends on context or it’s so novel that you wouldn’t know

a) You’re asked why something doesn’t work. Ask them how they’re using it.

b) Someone asks you how to do something but the procedure is unknown as yet, ask them “How would you do it?”

Note: don’t ask them the second question if it’s a core part of your job.

Also, ask with genuine curiosity otherwise it could sound confrontational ☝?….


6. Repeat back-

use when you don’t understand what the other person is driving it or their question.  Repeating back gives them the moment to also unmuddle their own thoughts or to elaborate so you both become clearer.


Do you need to *make your point more confidently*? ?


plus even more ways to stop you flustering, panicking or blurting out an answer that you may regret: learn how to buy time and give a succinct response!



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