How to get others to do what they say they’re going to do

You tell someone to do something, and you think they’ve consented.

Maybe they have. However, consent doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen.

This could apply to:

  • getting a client to send you something;
  • having your boss agree to a review or even….
  • having your teenager clear up after themselves (yes, miracles DO happen).

In this 2 minute video, I share with you a research-backed technique to follow consent with ACTION. Get people to commit to their promises TODAY.


Video and Transcript

It’s a real pain in the butt when you’ve asked somebody to do something and they just don’t do it. Well I’ve got a technique for you here which is scientifically backed to help you to get others to do stuff.

This technique centres upon being able to elicit the word ‘yes’ from other people. There’s a fantastic anecdote in Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Influence’ which examplifies this in action.

So there’s this restaurateur in Chicago and every single night, there would be a third of the people that had booked that just wouldn’t show up. So there was a third of no-shows, which is a lot of money lost every single evening because people just don’t up. That was despite the receptionist always saying to people, on every single phonecall:

“Please tell us if you can’t make it.”

She was advised to flip this into:

“Could you please tell us if you can’t make it?”

There’d be a pause and then people would say ‘yes’.

The result of that was that the no-shows dropped from one third to ten percent. One third to ten per cent simply because she flipped a statement into a question.

Now, think about this. When you think you’re asking someone to do something are you actually telling them.

Flip this into a question where you elicit the ‘yes’ and you can do that this week. You can do that in your personal life or professional life. Try this out and you will notice that people are much more likely to do stuff.

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