Engaging Presentations™

Grab the attention of others and keep it with Engaging Presentations™.  Learn how to structure a presentation quickly, pace your speech and manage your nerves.  You’ll discover how to use gesture, voice and words to both on-line and in-person to give a compelling talk.

“This small course gave me much more than my whole life’s experience of presenting and watching Ted Talks”
Nuné Yavryan

You’re not alone, and I’ve got something for you…

‘Engaging Presentations’, is a comprehensive online course designed to transform your presentation skills and boost your confidence.  

This is the key to unlocking opportunities you’ve been missing out on, and it doesn’t involve sounding ‘salesy’ or inauthentic.

Here’s the problem:

  • You need to sell ideas, products, services… but hate sounding salesy
  • Nerves overcome you when you speak
  • You know that people aren’t as engaged in your presentation as you’d wish them to be
  • Your vocal and physical delivery needs switching up: but how do you do this without feeling like ‘a fake’
  • Presence is something others have and you don’t know how to acquire
  • You’re using slides as a script but don’t feel confident enough to let go of them

Maybe you’re making these mistakes:

Imagine this:

Be less vanilla, more THRILLER

Plan an effective presentation that hits the mark

Develop a confident and compelling style

Handle difficult questions with ease

Who’s this programme for?

What’s in it for you:

  1. maximise your credibility with different audiences by using powerful and expressive use of movement and voice;
  2. enhance your content and delivery to convey the most complex of ideas – even with mixed audiences;
  3. know how to get into the zone with at least 3 techniques that enhance your mindset and calm your nerves;
  4. develop a persuasive and personal style to increase your impact and presence;
  5. maximise delivery whether you’re in a hybrid, virtual or in-person scenario;
  6. use the Spice Rackto engage online and offline;
  7. discover the weak language and unearth phrases that add greater conviction;
  8. learn gestures that make the abstract and complex more tangible;
  9. tips to develop discerning and effective use of visual aids;
  10. handle difficult questions with calm and confidence. 
“Your presentation training worked miracles: no worries in meetings anymore even when I present to Arabian Royalty 😊”
Paul Clark

Here’s what we’ll cover inside Engaging Presentations™


1. Planning what you’re going to say 

  • Getting the tone right for the audience
  • How to plan your content easily and quickly

Outcome: discover how to plan quickly.

2. Engaging different audiences 

  • Weak language you’re using and the stronger alternatives
  • Make your presentations engaging with the Spice Rack™
  • How to talk to mixed groups and reach everyone, beyond the techies
  • The do’s and don’t of effective visuals

Outcome: engage mixed groups whether face to face or online.


3. Handling the Q&A

 Three ways to deal with difficult questions

Outcome: deal confidently with difficult questions.


4. How to use Notes

 Using prompt cards in-person and virtual notes to keep you on track and feel more confident

Outcome: stick to your point, without worrying about waffling.


 5. Non-Verbal Power

  • The importance of delivery
  • Posture and positioning for virtual and in-person presenting
  • Effective use of Eye Contact – on line and in-person:
  • Gesture for Virtual and in-person interactions
  • How to deal with blanking

Outcome: discover how non-verbals can create engagement and help you explain complexity.


Grab attention vocally:

  • Adding vocal variety
  • Slowing down
  • Using the pause effectively
  • Speaking with commitment

Outcome: use your voice so that others want to listen.


6. Controlling Nerves

  • Introduction: why we feel nervous and the mistakes made in handling nerves:
  • 3 ways to control nerves and get into the right mindset

Outcome: know how to control nerves so that they’re not controlling you.


7. Pre-Presentation warm-up 

  • 5 min interactive video
  • One-pager summary of how to prepare
  • Resources to continue your development
  • Presentation structure templates

Outcome: easy reference for all the points to keep you on track.

Be more you, with Frankie Kemp

Meet Frankie, your course guide and Head Honcho of frankiekemp.com

Hi! I’m Frankie Kemp, the founder of frankiekemp.com. I help technical experts communicate with flair and impact, so they can go from bland to brilliant.I’ve helped companies like Simply Business, Kaspersky and Peabody ditch the robot mode and master the art of storytelling, presenting, influencing and problem-solving - with a dash of fun.I’ve seen drama from all angles - as an acting school owner, a TV director in Turkey and a diva wrangler. My experience means I can help you handle those difficult situations or people.I’m also an award-winning storyteller, actor and playwright. With a combination of theatre skills, knowledge of psychology and business savvy, I help thousands of clients speak so others listen.My book ‘Technical Experts Become Powerful Presenters’ has 100K downloads. I’m a keynote speaker at conferences like the IoD and the CIPD as well as a great podcast guest - just ask ‘Mind the Product’.Want some free tips and tools to level up your game? Check out my fabulous blog. It’s time to shine, people.

“The single, most inspiring course I’ve ever done. Frankie totally change the way I present.”

Join Engaging Presentations today and take your presentation skills to a whole new level.  Your future self will thank you.