Networking Skills

Good networking skills are essential for building and nurturing professional relationships, which can lead to valuable opportunities, collaborations, and support in your career.

With the right training, you can develop the skills needed to be able to network like a ninja!

With my networking skills courses, I help individuals just like you to become a more confident and engaging networker.

My training isn’t delivered as a lecture – it’s all hands-on and customised to you.

Training can be delivered live and in-person or virtually over hours, days, or months: we’ll find something to fit your situation.

You’ll find basic prices and other add-ons, including ways to embed the learning, here.


Networking skills – you’ll learn any combination of the elements below:

  • reframing networking to make it enjoyable, manageable and no longer daunting.
  • pinpointing your personal reasons from a list of 25, for networking.
  • discovering ways of networking.
  • unearthing the network you already have.
  • defining approaches to different parties.
  • knowing how to prepare for a networking event to make the most of opportunities that may arise.
  • understanding where to place yourself in a room to increase the chance of interactions.
  • discovering how to approach individuals and groups…and when not to!
  • realising how to self-check for prejudice.
  • building rapport with others before you even speak with non-verbal communication.
  • establishing an Elevator pitch that tells people what you do and opens up the conversation.
  • using visual prompts to help start a conversation.
  • understanding the value of small talk.
  • discovering the three stages of a warm-up conversation and finding subjects to raise.
  • remembering people and what they do.
  • knowing what to do if you’re tall or short.
  • dealing with handshakes and other greetings, especially if they feel uncomfortable.
  • using techniques to keep a conversation going.
  • realising what bad listening is.
  • pinpointing techniques for effective listening.
  • knowing what to do if you feel you don’t have someone’s attention.
  • using listening body language.
  • discovering cross cultural variations in body language and use of space.
  • determining language and talk to avoid.
  • pinpointing what a ‘difficult encounter’ may be.
  • discovering how to deal with difficult interactions
  • exploring ways of setting boundaries either your own or those of others, even online.
  • pinpoining reasons for curtailing a conversation.
  • realising business card etiquette.
  • recognising how to avoid being monopolised or ‘cornered’.
  • exploring how to deal with formal seated networking events, especially when feeling ‘stuck’ or awkward.
  • knowing how to leave a conversation gracefully
  • ascertaining ways to use online networking to your advantage.
  • finding ways of recording your network and contact with them.
  • exploring the various ways of making long-term contacts into business partners and client.
  • using a variety of approaches to create opportunities, without making others feel ‘used’.


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