Influence Skills Training

Influence skills training is designed to enhance your ability to effectively influence and persuade others to get the results you want.

By working with me, you’ll learn specific skills, strategies and techniques to help you communicate more persuasively.

There’s no lectures; instead this is all hands on and fully customised to your needs.

Training can be delivered live and in-person or virtually over hours, days, or months: I’ll work with you to find something that suits your situation.

Whether it’s an hour one-to-one or a group over days, expect a lively mix of psychological theory, exploration, discussion and a bounty of practice.

You’ll find basic prices and other add-ons, including ways to embed the learning, here.

Influence skills training will empower you to become a more effective communicator and influencer, enabling you to achieve your goals whilst maintaining positive and productive relationships.


What You’ll Learn With Influence Skills Training 

Programmes can incorporate and extend beyond the following:

  • defining of Influence, barriers and personal goals
  • discussion of influence and the difference between that and persuasion and manipulation
  • exploring the internal and external barriers to influencing
  • recognising the core skills of an effective influencer
  • determing personal and professional goals for influencing
  • pinpointing circles of influence and establish the influencer’s influencer
  • introducing the principles of Indirect and Syndicated Influence
  • evalutation of achievements
  • accounting for your strengths ensuring you’re using them
  • identifying your own personality and persuasion styles
  • adapting to the styles of others
  • identifying different influencing styles to overcome resistance
  • matching and liking: the technique to establish rapport, virtually and face to face.
  • the power of non-verbal influence
  • exercises to develop confident and approachable body language and positive first impressions
  • how to use body language to increase rapport with others
  • the unspoken messages are non-verbal language manifests that overrides what we say.
  • exercises to develop confident and approachable body language and positive first impressions
  • using body language to establish greater rapport with others.
  • discovering Leaking and Dribbling – what we don’t say but we give away.
  • uncovering at least seven forms of influence and how to use them.
  • determining your spheres of influence that help to achieve your goals.
  • observing the Drama Triangle and its effect on personal power and control.
  • understanding where your behaviour may be less influential in terms of the Drama Triangle.
  • practising how to apply the Drama Triangle to deal with conflict and resistance.
  • Commitment – using techniques to increase the likelihood of others sticking to pledeges.
  • Visibility – how being seen motivates others to action and determining opportunities and approaches to increasing visibility.
  • Authority – establishing personal authority as well as when to use it.
  • ‘Push and Pull’ communication to deal with perceived push back.
  • calibrating gravitas
  • maximising executive presence
  • ‘Dogs and Cats’ – finding the right persona to increase influence by adapting your behaviour.


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