Conversational Skills Training

Never overlook your conversational skills.

Conversational skills refer to the abilities and techniques that enable individuals to engage in effective and meaningful conversations with others. These skills are essential for building relationships, exchanging ideas, and conveying information.

Developing your conversational skills can greatly enhance your ability to connect with others, foster collaboration, and effectively communicate in various personal and professional settings.

Whether it’s an hour one-to-one or a group over days or months, expect a lively mix of psychological theory, exploration, discussion and a bounty of practice.

The elements below will give you an idea of what could be included on my conversational skills training courses.

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What You’ll Learn With Conversational Skills Training can be based on a combination of any of the following:

  • identifying your preferred communication style and adapt it to others to establish greater rapport.
  • developing greater self-confidence in your interactions with others.
  • determining the qualities of a good conversation.
  • pinpointing different common contexts where interactions occur.
  • building rapport with others before you even speak with non-verbal communication.
  • establishing an Elevator pitch that tells people what you do and opens up the conversation.
  • understanding the value of small talk.
  • discovering how to start a conversation and keep it going.
  • learning how to remember people and what they do.
  • realising what bad listening might be.
  • pinpointing techniques for active listening.
  • knowing what to do if you feel you don’t have someone’s attention.
  • using listening body language.
  • recognising leaking and dribbling – what you don’t say but give away.
  • discovering cross cultural variations in body language and use of space.
  • learning how to speak up in meetings without fear and with confidence in hybrid, virtual and in-person settings.
  • framing a coherent response in meetings when speaking spontaneously.
  • sharing your needs without sounding demanding or apologetic.
  • developing the ability to disagree with others without losing rapport or respect.
  • discovering how to get help when needed, while retaining trust in competence.
  • defining how to manage the expectations of others as well as conflicting priorities.
  • realising how to ask for information and clarification.
  • exploring ways of setting boundaries either your own or those of others, even online.
  • deploying non-verbal techniques such as gesture and modulation to calibrate assertiveness and credibility.
  • creating positive behavioural change through questioning techniques and positive reinforcement.
  • discovering Problem and Outcome thinking to go from blame and defence to results that feed productivity.
  • learning the difference between aggression, assertiveness, and passive aggression.
  • understanding cultural differences in expression that may be interpreted incorrectly in terms of aggression or passivity.
  • practicing developing confident and approachable body language and positive first impressions.
  • learn how to answer the question at work: “How’s this X going?”
  • creating rapid and lasting bonds with teams and clients and prospects.


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