Communication Training for Employees

Are you looking to improve the communication skills of your employees? I can help.

I offer communication training for employees across a wide range of business sectors, helping your members of staff to flourish and thrive with improved communication skills in the workplace.

You can get an idea of what’s included in my communication skills courses below.

Anticipate a departure from traditional lectures. My approach is entirely experiential and tailored precisely to your specified goals.

Video conferencing might come into play, and I could propose enlisting actors or virtually connecting with experts via Zoom.

Your employees can expect a lively mix of psychological theory, exploration, discussion and a bounty of practice.

You’ll find basic prices and other add-ons, including ways to embed the learning, here.


What You’ll Learn With A Communications Training Course with learning built around any of these aspects:

  • distinguishing between influence, manipulation, and coercion.
  • overcoming internal obstacles to enhance your influencing skills.
  • boosting self-confidence and mutual trust.
  • spotting opportunities for driving change in both formal and informal settings.
  • handling challenging interactions and resistance effectively.
  • exploring direct and indirect paths to exert influence.
  • constructing adaptable influence frameworks applicable beyond technical domains.
  • identifying your preferred communication style and tailor it for rapport-building with others.
  • employing collaborative techniques, even when engaging introverted individuals, for brainstorming and consolidating ideas.
  • strengthening your capacity to express doubts and concerns while maintaining rapport.
  • mastering nonverbal cues and posture to confidently contribute in meetings.
  • forging rapid and enduring connections with teams, clients, and prospects.
  • discerning implicit signals – the unsaid messages you convey.
  • mastering the art of delivering succinct and engaging updates, whether to your team, senior leadership, or the Board.
  • utilising a concise structure for impactful proposals, even without slides.
  • crafting impromptu responses to questions without unnecessary verbosity.
  • learning gestures that enhance expressiveness and clarity.
  • navigating challenging questions adeptly and deftly deferring when necessary.
  • harnessing the power of breath to enrich your voice and project with confidence.
  • adopting techniques for adding depth and colour to your vocal delivery.
  • boosting your confidence in contributing and speaking up during both virtual and in-person meetings.
  • leveraging feedback effectively, and managing feedback perceived as negative.
  • transitioning from conversation to action – expedient post-meeting follow-up methods.
  • practising cultivating poised and inviting body language, leaving positive first impressions.
  • mastering lingusitic nuances to build rapport, even in demanding scenarios.
  • discerning unspoken cues – the unintentional messages you reveal.
  • generating timely responses to your emails.
  • discovering how to address conflicts and misunderstandings in written communication.
  • adjusting the level of directness in spoken and written exchanges.
  • deploying gravitas and formality adeptly as per context.
  • enhancing your proficiency in employing a tone that aligns with your message’s intent.
  • classifying three effective subject line types that prompt recipients to read your messages.
  • structuring written communication for desired actions.
  • replacing common phrases to avoid with more effective alternatives.
  • embracing the potency of strategic email holding and wording.
  • adapting information for those seeking summaries and those desiring comprehensive details.
  • constructing well-organised documents for specific writing needs like project agreements and reports.

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