Business Communication Skills Training

Good business communication skills can make a huge difference to how well you succeed in the corporate world.

It’s not just how you present yourself, it’s also being able to clearly express your thoughts and ideas in a concise yet engaging way that achieves a desired outcome.

Consider this training as a delightful assortment, a medley, of the essential business communication skills you need.

Anticipate a hands-on approach rather than a formal lecture. Each element is personalised, meticulously attuned to your desired outcomes.

There may be call for video and I might suggest bringing in actors or Zooming in experts.

I’ve even used a film crew for people to film stories and pitches and at one point a team development session that culminated in a dragnet experience and BBQ!

Whether it’s an hour one-to-one or a group over days or months, expect a lively mix of psychological theory, exploration, discussion and a bounty of practice.

You’ll find basic prices and other add-ons, including ways to embed the learning, here.


Elements of My Business Communication Skills Training Course can include but aren’t limited to:

  • defining the difference between influence, manipulation, and coercion.
  • recognising how to overcome internal blocks in influencing.
  • increasing self-confidence and two-way trust.
  • identifying all the opportunities to create change both formally and informally.
  • discovering how to deal with difficult interactions and resistance.
  • exploring avenues to influence either directly or indirectly.
  • developing structures to influence that can be used across contexts and beyond technical expertise.
  • identifying your preferred communication style and adapt it to others to establish greater rapport.
  • applying collaborative methods – even with introverts – to brainstorm and collate suggestions.
  • enhancing your ability to raise objections and doubts whilst maintaining rapport.
  • using your body language and posture to speak up in meetings – online and in-person – without feeling awkward.
  • creating rapid and lasting bonds with teams and clients and prospects.
  • discovering how to give punchy, engaging updates, whether to your team, SLT or the Board.
  • using a structure for rapid influence – how to propose an idea without a single slide.
  • structuring spontaneous responses to questions, without the waffle.
  • learning how to use gesture for greater expressiveness as well as clarity.
  • dealing adeptly with difficult questions and know how to defer them confidently.
  • discovering how to use breath to enrich voice and achieve greater projection.
  • finding techniques to add greater vocal colour to your voice.
  • discovering how to ask for feedback and get the most from it as well as how to deal with feedback that may be perceived as negative.
  • get from Talk to Action – quick ways to follow up after meetings.
  • practising developing confident and approachable body language and positive first impressions.
  • recognising leaking and dribbling – what you don’t say but give away.
  • getting responses to your emails.
  • dealing with conflict and misunderstandings through the written word.
  • calibrating levels of directness through spoken and written communication.
  • knowing how and when to adjust levels of gravitas and formality within different mediums.
  • becoming more proficient at using a tone that reflects your intention when writing.
  • defining the three types of subject lines that make people read your messages.
  • structuring written communication to ensure you get the action you need.
  • discovering commonly used phrases to avoid and learn what to use instead.
  • learning the power and wording of holding emails.
  • calibrating information for those who want the headlines and those who want details.
  • discovering how to structure specific types of writing such as project agreements and reports.


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