Are you interested in honing your ability to speak to members of your company in a professional manner, so that you can advance your career? Do you think that communication skills training is a worthwhile investment, but have struggled to source a provider that lives up to your expectations? If these statements can be applied to your particular circumstances, it is hard to think of a better firm to help you than Frankie Kemp


Our founder attended one of the most prestigious acting institutions in the country, in the form of London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The knock-on effect of this is that we have a keen understanding of what is needed to speak with confidence, and project to a large crowd. Should you wish to find out a little more about the various ways that we can be of service, we ask that you either use the enquiry form on our website, or call us on 0207 183 4300. 

Outlining our credentials

Realistically, many of you reading this will have had no prior exposure with Frankie Kemp. Although this is not necessarily a problem, you may be curious to learn as to how it is that we have achieved the reputation that we currently possess. Whilst we could easily point to the cost-effective nature of our services, we believe it is more prudent to allow you to gain an insight into the way that we are perceived by those that have worked with us in the past. If you were to read over any of the testimonials published on our website, we are sure that you will agree that our communication skills training is superior to all others.

An overview of our communications såessions

Those of you that conclude that you need look no further for communication skills training than Frankie Kemp will understandably wish to know more about what this entails – we are more than happy to oblige, and be forthcoming with the information that you seek. There is no doubt about it; in this particular department, confidence is key. If you are striving to become a more-inspirational leader, or want to instil trust in your partners and investors, this is certainly the route that you want to go down.

Our catalogue of services

Arguably what allows Frankie Kemp to stand-out amongst an increasingly saturated industry is the fact that we have a wide array of services on offer. Though some may perceive us to simply be a facilitator of communication skills training, this is far from being our sole speciality. We believe that each client that comes to us deserves to have a course which is tailored to their particular needs. Case-and-point, many of our audience have their attention drawn by our problem-solving opportunities. These sessions will enable you to observe an event, and spontaneously concoct a viable solution. In a more traditional capacity, we have also been known to provide presenting courses, which are first-class in terms of quality.