3 titles that make people open your emails

What a waste of effort.  You’ve sent an email and it’s not been opened.

You send another email. Still no response.

By the time, you’ve sent the third nudge, you may as well have crafted a handwritten message on parchment to be delivered by carrier pigeon.

However, the last time, I looked there were neither pigeons nor parchment in sight.


Why they’re not opening your email

More than likely, it’s the title of your email that’s not grabworthy.

According to Campaign Monitor  we receive an average of 120 emails daily so your email needs to smash out of the screen to be opened.

Take one of these three tactics if you want to get your email opened.


Benefit, Specificity and Intrigue

1. Include a benefit to the reader: For example: ‘Get paid on time’; ‘Do you want to get your bonus’ is miles better than an email titled ‘Timesheets’ or ‘Your hours this month’ . Thanks to Andy Bounds for this tip.

2. Be very specific: ‘Our meeting next Wednesday’ ; ‘Invoice, Feedback and a contact’. That takes the guesswork out of an email. If that’s what the reader’s looking for, it’s what they’ll find.

3. Be intriguing: ‘You’ll love Page 7!’; ‘Lewis, do you need an excuse for this?’. This is a giant leap in email improvement on “Meeting next week” or ‘FYI’ (‘For your information’) ?.


Your Action:

1. When you write your next email, use one of these techniques in your subject heading.
2. Experiment with the other two methods this week and see how quickly people respond to your email….

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